We welcome the new BIC® Clic Stic Stylus, also available in Digital and Mini versions. The first BIC® Stylus ballpen produced in Europe. In addition, we are launching the BIC® 4 Colours Stylus. The BIC® 4 Colours, our most functional ballpen enters the digital world. In the gift pens category, we are glad to introduce the BIC® Rondo Evo, available in both ballpen and mechanical pencil modes with standard and soft barrels, and the BIC® Super Clip Advance family offering screen printing, britePix™ and digital printing methods.

Following the launch of the BIC® Kids Plastidecor® in 2015, we are enlarging the BIC® Kids family with the introduction of BIC® Kids Evolution set of 6 colouring pencils and BIC® Kids Visa™ set of 6 felt pens. Two fantastic colouring products that complete our BIC® Kids range. In BIC® Lighters, we are adding a new digital finish: the Digital matte finish with UV effect, and we are increasing the portfolio of cases with BIC® Styl’it Luxury Soft and both BIC® Aluminium Flat and BIC® Styl’it Luxury Metallic cases, also available with britePix™. Finally, BIC®Super Clip and BIC® Round Stic® Digital will also be available within the BIC® Ecolutions® category, adding new sustainable options for the market.