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  • The promotional writing instrument for excellence, our number one, the original. Multiple printing possibilities on the barrel and on the clip, and thousands of colour combinations.

    € 0,60
    Model 1025 - Available
    In Stock
  • Comfortable gripping section. Ability to print full colour images. Made with 37% recycled material.

    € 1,22
    Model 1E22 - Available
    In Stock
  • The perfect match of functionality and design at an affordable price. Comfortable gripping section.

    € 1,00
    Model 1E20 - Available
    In Stock
  • The iconic BIC Round Stic offers timeless style and high quality. Its classic design is easy to identify and symbolizes long-term reliability.

    € 0,49
    Model 1010 - Available
    In Stock
  • Worldwide recognized BIC cap shape. Excellent value for money.

    € 0,40
    Model 1610 - Available
    In Stock
  • Synthetic resin and wood-free pencil.

    € 0,42
    Model 1150 - Available
    In Stock
  • Simple, inventive, reliable, and now also Stylus! An authentic 5 in 1 with touchscreen stylus on top and four standard ink colours: blue, black, red, green.

    € 3,23
    Model 1112 - Available
    In Stock
  • Make the most of the large printing area on the clip with the britePix full colour imprint. Now also available with the new britePix™ Texture that gives a relief effect on your communication!

    € 1,21
    Model 1894 - Available
    In Stock
  • Four different ink colours in one! Break-away lanyard also available.Iconic BIC® 4 Colours family adds a highlighter to become even more versatile!This iconic family now grows with the new BIC 4 Colours Shine!

    € 2,94
    Model 1114 - Available
    In Stock
  • The iconic BIC 4 Colours ballpen with a shiny fashion metallic colour finish. It features 4 standard colour inks: blue, black, red and green. BIC 4 Colours Shine, shines by itself!

    € 3,11
    Model 1106 - Available
    In Stock
  • Made 25% of cellulosic polymers, an eco-friendly material manufactured using natural, renewable softwood materials. BIC Clic is flexible and durable as well as pleasant to touch, and is offered in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

    € 1,41
    Model 1090 - Available
    In Stock
  • Ultra-smooth gel roller. Chrome plated section.

    € 2,59
    Model 1196 - Available
    In Stock
  • Soft rubber grip and large imprint area.

    € 1,19
    Model 1084 - Available
    In Stock
  • Mix&Match colour combination offered in up to 5 different parts: barrel, grip, section, clip and button! Maximize your message with our Europe's best selling wide profile retractable!

    € 1,13
    Model 1030 - Available
    In Stock
  • Big imprint area in a small size!

    € 0,59
    Model 3507 - Available
    In Stock
  • Double impact of your message with a fully personalised cover and Sticky Note pad. FREE 4-color process on booklet cover! Product details: 1 BIC 75 mm x 75mm Adhesive Notepads 25 or 50 sheets.

    € 1,71
    Model 3731 - Available
    In Stock
  • Indispensable in any office! Most popular Sticky Note size!

    € 0,70
    Model 3512 - Available
    In Stock
  • Multi-function slim-profile ballpoint pen with stylus for capacitive touchscreen devices on top. Matt color barrel featuring matching colour shiny trim.

    € 2,22
    Model 11976 - Available
    In Stock
  • Use your pencil, then plant it and watch it grow. When the pencil becomes too short to be used, plant it in a vase and give it light and water: in a few weeks the first sprouts will grow. There are 12 different plant and flower seeds available.

    Model 53063 - Available
  • Slim profile multi-function pen featuring a ballpoint and tablet PC/smartphone touch stylus. Glossy coloured barrel featuring shiny metal trim.

    € 2,07
    Model 11666 - Available
    In Stock
  • BIC® Clic Stic now meets the coolest trends in writing instruments: stylus and produced in Europe. A qualitative multifunction ball pen under the BIC® brand at a competitive price! Suitable for touchscreen devices.

    € 0,87
    Model 1847 - Available
    In Stock
  • Fast drying ink for clean and precise writing.

    € 1,58
    Model 1187 - Available
    In Stock
  • The all-new BIC® Rondo Evo is a true evolution: all-metal barrel, metallic ink refill and a wide range of colours!

    € 5,71
    Model 1278 - Available
    In Stock
  • Premium lighter case available in attractive metallic colours & now also available with the britePix™ full colour printing. All cases are delivered with a white BIC® J25 lighter.

    € 3,87
    Model 2161 - Available
    In Stock
  • Trendy aluminium case with a light weight & with a flat surface design for BIC® J25 lighter. Great personalization area for a maximum brand communication: 3 sides can be personalized. All cases are delivered with a white BIC® J25 lighter.

    € 2,14
    Model 2157 - Available
    In Stock
  • Quick view  
    € 19,00

    Aircraft aluminium keyring for 2-8 keys Made in USA.

    € 19,00
    Model KS019RDN - Available
    In Stock
  • Unleash your creativity, inventing the USB pen drive with the 3D shape that you want. you can make your USB stick 2D or 3D customized in shape and color, starting with the company logo or from your idea.

    Model 09348 - Available
  • Create your own power bank! Unleash your creativity, by personalising your power bank with the print that you want. You can personalise your power bank by including a print with up to 4 colours, starting with the company logo or from your idea.

    Model 09640 - Available
  • Our leaflet printing services are a cost-effective way to publicise information efficiently and quickly, and reach potential clients. Cheap flyer and affordable leaflet printing with a number of customisable options for your bespoke project.

    € 29,95
    Model 01VFL - Available
    In Stock
  • Poster printing represents one of the most effective methods of communication, being a well-established promotional tool. Strong visibility and low costs have made it one the most widely used tools for the promotions of events, special occasions and offers.

    € 31,69
    Model 01LCN - Available
    In Stock
  • Brochure printing enable businesses to distribute information in a small format that can be easy digested. Adding your own personal graphic design to brochure printing projects improves your company’s brand image, encourages brand recognition and promotes your company’s Unique Selling Points.

    € 41,26
    Model 01PGH - Available
    In Stock
  • Business cards are a way to provide a lasting impression of you and your company. Quality of presentation could not be of greater importance.

    € 20,40
    Model 01BDV - Available
    In Stock







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